We believe “to plant trees is to give body and life to one’s dreams of a better world”.

Our Impact so far

We have planted more than 25k tress across various parts of India so far and have no intentions to stop.

510000 Kg/Year

Co2 Reduction


Jobs Created

We re-invest 10% (one tenth) of our profits in skill development of women.

  • 7 out 10 women of working age don’t work, either because they lack skills or opportunity or due to lack of knowledge.
  • As per IMF, India's GDP will increase by 27 percent, if women participation in labour force becomes equal to that of men.
  • We intend to support women through our various skilling and certification programs, so as to provide them a platform to develop skills, have knowledge about recent trends and policies relating to women empowerment and eventually develop a long term source of income.